When it comes to Packing your storage unit there are a few important things to know to make the process easier during the move and after the moving of your items.  

First things first get as many people as you can to help you. "Many hands make light work." You might get some friends or family that starts pulling stuff like the image on this page, but if you can put up with that and have a little patience it will make your overall job a lot easier.  

After you get some friends and family to help you, Make sure to have plenty of packing materials such as paper, bubble wrap, blankets, newspapers... whatever you can find that will keep your items safe and protected during the move. As you put things in boxes, grab a sharpie and label the boxes. This will help save a lot of time later.  

Once you'r items are all packed up in the transport vehicle, brainstorm a game plan for when you arrive at the storage facility. You may be a little limited on space in the new unit. Think of what Items will fit close together to maximize your space. Also The heavier and bulkier items usually store better on the floor of the unit. As you start packing your unit, try to make a pathway to the rear of the unit. An Isle will help if you ever need one item in the back of your unit so you don't have to pull everything out to get to it. Awkward shaped items are better stored towards the top of the unit towards the ceiling.  

Finally secure your storage unit with a tuff lock. I would recommend a disc lock, they're nice because the bar isn't accessible to bolt cutters.
Trying to find a storage unit facility can become a major headache. Here are some tips and tricks to make it not such a horrible experience. 

1. Know your resources: We live in the 21st century, If your still looking in the phone book for businesses then your not only missing out on great potential storage facilities to rent from, your limiting yourself on a lot of tools that can make things a lot more convenient. Get on the internet and search for storage in your area and start looking at website to see what information you can find. 

2. Compare and Contrast: Compare the different information you've found, look at all the features available. Ask yourself questions like, Can you see prices online? Can you rent online? Can you E-Sign the agreement online? Can you Make a payment online? Can you see your Account History? Where is the facility Located? Is it in a good neighborhood? Does it have wide enough driveways? Is there enough lighting? How are the online reviews? did other people have good experiences renting from the same facility? As long as you know your resources and ask these questions, you can't go wrong in finding a great storage facility to rent from.