Storage Agreement

Storage Agreement L.O.A. Investments THIS LEASE AGREENENT, made and entered into this the _ day of ___________________, 20___ by and between L.O.A. Investments Self Storage, hereinafter referred to as Lessor, and Name:____________________________________________________________ Street:_____________________________________City______________State_____Zip______ Email Address:_________________________________________________________________ Phone:________________________________________________________________________ Hereinafter referred to as Lessee, FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION of the covenants, premises and agreements contained herein as hereinafter set out, Lessor does hereby let and lease unto Lessee Unit No.________ of L.O.A. Investments Self Storage, 5602 Kermit Ave &, 5603 St. Louis Ave. Odessa TX 79762, and 503 S Industrial Ave. beginning on ________________________, 20____ 1. RENT: Lessee shall pay to Lessor the sum of $_________ per month, payable in advance for the demised premises. 2. LATE CHARGES: A late charge of $25.00 will be added to any monthly rental payment that is more than Ten(10) days past due. Notwithstanding such late charges, failure to pay and such monthly payment on or before due date shall be deemed a default by Lessee under the terms of this agreement and Lessee shall be locked out of unit(s) until all rents due are paid in full including any late charges. 3. AUTO RENEW: this agreement shall renew automatically and continue in full force and effect from month to month upon the payment of the aforesaid rental amount subject to termination on ten (10) days written notice by either party. 4. DEFAULT: In the event the Lessee defaults or fails to comply with any term or condition of this agreement, Lessee will pay all cost of enforcement incurred by Lessor, including reasonable attorneyâ€(tm)s fees. 5. LIABILITY: Lessee hereby accepts liability for any and all damages to the above stated rental bay and appurtenances and every part thereof caused by Lessee, his employees, lessees, or invitees, which occur the period of this agreement. 6. INDEMNITY: Lessee shall hold Lessor harmless from and shall indemnify Lessor against any and all claims, actions, proceedings, damages, liabilities, including attorneyâ€(tm)s fees, by Lessee, his employees, lesseeâ€(tm)s or invitees, arising from or connected with Lesseeâ€(tm)s possession and use of demise premises. 7. LIMITED LIABILITY: Lessee acknowledges that he has inspected the demised premises herein and is satisfied that the premises are adequate for safe storage of Lesseeâ€(tm)s property. Lessor, or his agent or employees, reserve the right to go upon the demised premises and the property stored therein whenever Lessor deems it necessary to preserve person or property, for the safety or for maintenance of the storage facility, but Lessor assumes no responsibility for tending to any property stored in said facility. Lessor will make reasonable efforts to contact the Lessee of dangerous conditions requiring Lesseeâ€(tm)s attention, but the above stated contact and notification shall be considered gratis by Lessee and is no part of the consideration given herein. Lessor assumes no responsibility for the dangerous conditions, its attendant results, or for failure to notify of such condition. 8. FIRE, THEFT, ACTS OF NATURE: Lessor shall not be liable either jointly or severally for damage to person or property of the Lessee, his employees, licensees, or invitees, while the same are with the geographical limits of the storage facility that is occasioned by fire, explosion, theft, collision, acts of God, or any other cause. Lessor has made diligent effort to secure said premises from theft or damage to the stored property, but it shall be the responsibility of the Lessee to insure, at his own expense, the property stored on the premises against said loses. 9. LESSOR APPROVAL: The property to be stored in the foregoing facility by Lessee shall be approved by the Lessor and no property shall protrude out or be stored around the outside of the storage facility or bay. 10. SELL/DISPOSE: Upon any default of this agreement by Lessee, Lessor may declare all obligations, conditions and covenants immediately sue and payable, may go upon the stored property, move and possess the same and sell and dispose of the same at commercially reasonable sale in accordance with the Texas Uniform Commercial Code. 11. DESIGINATED BAY: Any and all rights, interest, or privileges of the Lessee created under this agreement shall apply only to the particular storage bay as stated above. Lessor may request the relocation of said bay to another similar unit by providing ten (10) days written notice to Lessee. 12. NON-TRANFERABLE: This agreement shall not be transferable, assignable or the above premises sublet without prior written consent of the Lessor. 13. DUE CARE: Lessee agrees to exercise due care in the occupation, possession, and use of the above stated storage bay and to vacate the same in good condition, wear and tear occasioned by normal use is expected. 14. USE: Lessee shall not use the above numbered bay, or any property stored therein as residence or in any form of permanent living quarters or as a business office and the same shall not occupy overnight. 15. NOTICES: All notices required by this agreement or law shall be addressed to the address stated herein. 16. Lessee hereby releases lessor from liability for loss or damage to property stored in tenants space. Tenant not responsible for damages caused by dust, fire, water, theft or disappearance, smoke, insects, weather or malfunction of equipment. 17. Lessee understands that tenant is not obligated to sending out invoices. L.O.A. Investments LLC LESSOR LESSEE _______________________________ __________________________________ Printed Name: _______________________________ __________________________________ Name & addresses of additional authorized persons to have use or possession of stored property: 1.___________________________________________________________________________ 2.___________________________________________________________________________ In case of emergency notify: Name:_________________________________ Phone:______________________________ Email:______________________________________________________________________ Address:____________________________________________________________________